• - Impact resist

  • - Heat resistant

  • - Protects from welding sparks

  • - Permits repeated bending

  • - Lateral pressure protection

  • - Protects against optical signal loss

Combined with a Sensor Head Connector, a variety of sensors can be completely protected all the way to the sensor head, even with applications that require movement. Hagitec's flexible metal tubes come in a variety of models with different types of interlock styles and materials available.

Custom-made products can be produced to client specifications for many applications, including:

  • - Fluids

  • - Micro-thin applications

  • - Torque transmission

  • - Medical applications

New Product

As a PVC substitute for the flexible metal conduit's sheathing material, Olefin Elastomer was developed as a highly-pliable, low-cost and halogen-free compound. This makes for an environ-mentally friendly product.


For the protection of Optical Fibers and Sensor Cables, Communication Equipment, Medical Equipment, Arcade Game Machines, Robotics and Automation, Lighting, Fiberscopes, Light Guides, Measurement Devices, Microphone Stands, Underground Protective Pipes, Shower Hose Coverings, Gas Water Heaters, and Flexible Outlet Pipes in Water Purifiers


Using special techniques, we can insert approximately 1000 meters of optical fiber or cabling into the flexible tube and package it on a reel.

PVC Color

Standard:Glossy Black, also available Matte Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White, Gray, Pink, Red, Clear

Please specify the requested color after the model number, if other than Glossy Black.

Example: KSP-4N (Pink)

PVC Sheathing Varieties

There are four types of PVC sheathing available for Square-Lock Type A (Casing) Tubes: