• Standard stock item. Olefin Elastomer is the new ECO material for HAGITUBE sheathing which can be substituted for PVC.
    This makes it a highly pliable product that is chemical and weather resistant. Best of all, this product does not contain any lead or other halogen compounds, making it ROHS compliant.

Olefin System Elastomer

  • PVC substitute, highly pliable with superior weather resistance

  • Heat proof up to a maximum 60°C

  • Standard Color: Matte Black

  • By order basis color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, White,(Please contact us for the minimum order quantity.)


  • - Flexible Tube: Stainless Steel

  • - Sheathing:Olefin Elastomer(new product)

  • - Sheathing Color:Matte black

  • - Sheathing Type:Tight Fitting


  • Other colors and heat resistance grades available on custom orders.