MONO-COIL (Liner Tube)


  • - No interlockings, but rather a spring-like stainless steel coil

  • - Superior pliability

  • - Resists lateral pressure

  • - Ultra-thin

  • - No limitation on the inner or outer diameter

  • - Normally used with PVC sheathing or stainless steel braiding applied to the exterior to prevent stretching.

About Standard Length

  • - Standard length is approximately 100m, obtained by connecting several shorter lengths. (10 to 16 meters each piece)

  • - Longer products (over 100m, depending on the material and finished product) are available upon request. Please contact us for details.


  • 1. Inner diameters from 0.1mm up to approximately 22mm available
    Product manufacturing is scheduled after receiving order.
    (Some sizes of are in stock)

  • 2. Custom lengths available

  • 3. For PVC-sheathed models, D2 in the chart (see below) showed the outer diameter after sheathing.

  • 4. For extra-sturdy lateral pressure protection, a double-layered mono-coil structure is also available.


  • Liner: Stainless Steel, SK Material, Flat Wire

  • Sheathing:Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Stainless Steel Braiding


  • - Endoscopes (medical equipment)

  • - Optical fiber and sensor cable protection

  • - Guide shafts, concrete vibrators, etc.

  • - Guide shafts for lawnmowers (SK Material, Flat Wire).